There are a lot of possibilities for functioning as an expat for a firm in Saudi Arabia and other parts of the Middle East, but working in Saudi Arabia as an expatriate is very diverse from any experience I have ever had anyplace else in the globe. With the management and responsibility of the individual projects covered by the project team leader and the core members from the different functional locations involved in item innovation the management concern becomes far more one of the complete scope of product improvement of the firm.

I am an ex employee of Mazco and nonetheless some of my pal are functioning in this firm and they are suffering alot due to miss-management lack of co-ordination and specially for salaries, as you know the Mazco personnel till now didn’t got their salary for the month of February.

If you want to make sure that your intended firm name can not be taken by yet another person before you are prepared to register it as a organization, you can reserve a name The charge is shown on the application guide and should be enclosed when lodging the application.

Remember when they mentioned they had everything ready to go but it would just overwhelm everyone so they had been going to release it bit by bit more than 42 days….effectively they are now on day 72 and not much has changed except they are selling knock off, no brand name goods produced in China with a phony list price to make the genuinely stupid feel they are receiving a deal and high quality merchandise.

Below Section 61 of the new Businesses Act, if the private organization has failed to convert by End of Transition Period, 30th November 2016, the Registrar of Organizations will apply the deeming provisions and the company becomes a LTD company, a private company limited by shares.

I am IT Engg came to ksa on 15 nov 2015 & terminated on 20th feb 2016 due to i am in probation period as per new saudi labour law (180 days) & joining letter sign by me on 180 days, but my contract mention 90 company providing me salary only for month of feb 2015 in which 20 days i have worked.

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