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The US Chemical Security Board located that a weak security culture is behind the 2014 sulfuric acid releases that injured four workers when it gave its final report on the investigation into a Martinez, California Tesoro Refinery. The leadership which we have had since 1994 reduces all the racial, financial subordination and exploitation of their Africans brothers to race discrimination in employment, public and private accommodations, vehemently opposed the self-support economic concepts of theThe African nationalists.

This meant any doctrine or scheme that was establishing despotic system of governance based on the dictatorship of the proletariat a scheme that aims bringing about any political, industrial, social or economic adjust inside the Union by way of threat and promotion of disturbances and disorder.

The escalating ingenuity and efficiency with the succeeding hominid populations created and combined adaptations and innovations demonstrate the excellent antiquity and continuity of several cultural traits that nevertheless persist, right now, amongst the Nguni/Bakone of South Africa right now.

Furthermore, the pursuance of other new financial policies, such as the withdrawal of the worthless Zimbabwean Dollar from circulation early this year, is also breathing a new life into the economy which had battled the world’s record beating inflation (use of foreign currency was also legalized) (BBC News, 2009).

It really is like the poor African population could hidden, or erased if not disappeared from the South African Zeitgeist and mind set/reality and existence What has happened with the Coming of the ANC Shamocracy, is that the people lost their already lost culture, history, morals, ethics, and were and still getting thoroughly mala-adminstered by the Ruling elite: who ignore the please and protestations of their electorate with arrogance and impunity.

Thanks to the news, reminding us of what bad living conditions we are in, the last point we need is a lot more scared folks providing their two cents about final nights news and upsetting individuals significantly a lot more then they need, and concentarte on how we can assist.

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