How to Raise Good-Hearted Kids with a Minimalist Lifestyle

In a world of negative daily news and social media rants, it can seem like a challenge to raise good-hearted children—much less kids that believe in a minimalist lifestyle to enhance their appreciation of the world around them. However, if you are up for the challenge, here are a few parenting tidbits to keep in mind.

Encourage Your Kids to Count Blessings and Be Thankful for Simple Life Pleasures

Kids these days are often expectant of what they can get and how they can get it. So, it can be difficult to teach children about simple life pleasures, like summer sunshine, a good book, or a delicious square of chocolate. From a young age, encourage children to be thankful for what they have through counting their blessings.

Practice Minimalism to Showcase Yourself as a Role Model to Your Kids

Be a role model for a decluttered and minimalistic lifestyle. If you practice minimalism, it’s easier to get your kids to follow suit. Kind of like monkey-see monkey-do thing. You might ask yourself how this leads to good-heartedness, but it teaches children to be humble, grateful, and content with what they have.

Contain Kids Stuff to a Designated Kids Only Area in Your Home

Kids are messy, and that’s okay. Establish a play room in your home where your little ones can keep all of their toys and playthings, even if it’s not totally organized all of the time. Contain the clutter in one room to teach your kiddos how to differentiate between a play area and the rest of the house. This gives your youngsters ample room to play and have fun while helping you keep the rest of your home tidy and well-organized.

Recycle Old Clothes and Toys with Every Gift-Giving Holiday

Toys and clothes can build up to become clutter, especially when children outgrow both so quickly. One minute they love a toy, the next they’ve traded in for something more fun to play with. Be attentive to age-related patterns of wear and play. When the time comes, recycle old clothes and toys to make room for what your kids play with and wear now. You can custom labels online for organizing the old toys and clothes into designated boxes for donations. This is especially effective during gift-giving holidays, as children are likely to get an abundance of new stuff.

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