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It is my contention that a private entity, whether or not an individual, a little business, a privately held corporation or a private organization, has the correct to employ and serve who ever they decide on. Hi HH, the Saudi Visa that you have received will be the 1 that your organization has requested, the embassy will not have changed it to a different type (only deny it if they had a dilemma with you.) In my experience a lot of firms will issue a company visa as your initial visa for the duration of your probation or if they are possessing issues acquiring work visas due to the number of expats that they employ.

I get the gist of your report, my reply is if your instance desires to hire and fire as it pleases, there can be totally no point of intersection between I as a taxpayer, my resources and the operation of such a enterprise even in the most insignificant way.

All participants have been selected by way of a computer ballot system drawn from readers digest publishers clearing residence, computers games, sweepstakes information base, are from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, North and South America, South Africa and Asia, as this is our International Promotions System, which is carried out monthly.

Those White people in South Africa who nevertheless call africans Monkeys, Chimps, Baboons and non-humans, are going to have to deal with a reconstructed and rebuilt, new way of studying and being aware of about African history and historiography from the African individuals in South Africa’s point of view and all those all through the Diaspora’s perspectives.

Or, you are a salaried employee of an RVP that is classified as an Office Administrative Particular person who runs the Virtual Base Shop and processes all organization from the RVP to Duluth, GA. Even that Administrative person has to be licensed in the areas the RVP does business in or refer all communications for that solution, i.e. securities to a registered rep.

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