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The Marketing Standards Bureau accepts written complaints about advertisements, and assesses if they fall under the Codes.

A single of my preferred podcasts, OnTheMedia , created a system called Digital Dark Age (52:14) last year. It consists of a number of segments on the issues of defending and archiving the vast amounts of data we are creating. If you don’t have time to listen to the entire podcast, at least check out two segments, interviews of Vint Cerf on data preservation troubles (6:28) and Nick Goldman on employing DNA as a storage medium (9:02).

Exuberant clusters of white blossoms bursting forth from these flowers remind me of the brilliant fireworks that soon will be lighting the night sky. Catching such a display is generally a highlight of my Fourth of July. This year, nonetheless, the vacation promises a various sort of splendor. I am joining my youngsters for a week at church camp, so I anticipate enjoying a rousing devotional beneath the stars tonight.

According to these masters of the universe, everybody wants to join hands and have a harmonious view of life in which all are celebrated and appreciated, in spite of how assiduously we’re being ignored, abused, and patronized by loudmouth aristocrats.

The ‘@’ symbol has turn out to be synonymous with e-mail in the modern day globe. As well as becoming a hassle-free way to send letters and images, even so, emails can also contribute to a sense of ‘information overload’ for numerous people, specially in the workplace.

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